Can We See from upper?

Why people prefer fishing with bait that fish delight in it, to take bait from human foods? Ofcourse if we want to make a fish come closer and eat bait, we have to use lovely fish bait. Certainly, those also act as human being. Nevertheless, the condition that commonly happens in life is Most of the human use thinks that they like to motivate others. They consider others will like the same things. A research discovered that a success has created on the people who knows others goal. The Ones who labeled failed are the “man unnoticed others interest”.  Henry Ford said, “If there is the secret of success, it must come from an ability to understand others point of view and see the good side from that and from yours”. This name is “Multiple perspectives” which focus on the ability to consider a lot point of view.  Changes the perception one side to another side systematically can supply the importance information about the situation which conscious awareness before. The real goals in this are the respect on different beliefs, values, and many of them, better than force the similarity. Every innovation in technology is the consequence of different sight to the world. In human relationship, whenever we understand clearly what are people thinking and feeling about, that we can create and maintain the close relationship easier, communicate respect and clearly. This condition is good condition that can solve the household problems, make a success negotiation, selling technique, increase the quality of customer service, invent the favorite’s product etc.

The position as an observer for example, will be different from as a first person position, so that the second. In this position, we see, hear, and feel the interaction at the first and second person point of view. So, in this flat world, the main thing is prepare ourselves to become an neutral or observer man in some problems, or the way we life.

If we choose our life position for ourselves in first person’s position, we can truly respect what are importances for us. Than appear the condition which we have to see, hear, and feel the situation that face in our lives with our own life, point of view, an ourselves interpretation.

If we join the second point of view in, we will understand and respect a motif beyond people’s work. With this point of view in our life, we can understand what wrong and no on our actions and said. For the people who spare to see and hear from others side, usually said as an egoist people that love and their interest is only for their goals, not consider others.

The last position is the third position, we can mention it as a observer or evaluator. With this position, We can evaluate the interaction between first person position and second person position with disassociation. With this point of view, we learn to examination more objective and non emotional with the result that we can take more informations which not known on the first and second positions. This is the upper side, from what we are positioning the problems, to solve this clearly and fairly.

dormitory, November rain ’08


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